About The Down’s Syndrome Association (DSA)

The Down's Syndrome Association is the only charity in England, Wales and Northern Ireland focusing solely on all aspects of living successfully with Down’s syndrome. Our aim is to help people with Down’s syndrome to live full and rewarding lives of their choosing. We offer advice, support and information via our helpline and raise awareness of the condition through national campaigns and projects.

£4,000 pays for a year’s supply of top medical advice which can be offered free to our members.

£5,000 could pay for a year of coaching sessions for a DSActive team (community sport for people with Down’s syndrome)

£10,000 pays to maintain our vital helpline services for one month.

About Down Syndrome International (DSi)

Down Syndrome International is a UK based charity, comprising a global membership network of national Down syndrome organisations from 133 countries (including DSA UK). DSi’s key role is to provide developing countries with accurate, up-to-date information on Down syndrome, support, and resources. We build the capacity of national groups and provide training for them to advocate for access to medical care, education, employment and other basic rights, while also enabling people with Down syndrome to advocate for themselves.

People with Down syndrome across the world face stigma, segregation, prejudice and limited life opportunities.  Through all of our initiatives, we change perceptions and raise awareness about each individual’s right to live a valued life and their potential to contribute to their community and society as a whole.

£350 pays for DSi staff to provide on-demand expert advice to a Down syndrome charity for 20 hours.

£700 pays for a capacity and training assessment report for a Down syndrome charity in a developing country.

£2,000 pays for a full on-site capacity and training assessment report for a Down syndrome charity in a developing country.

Both charities have bases in the South West and work with local support groups. For more information please visit their websites https://ds-int.org/ and https://www.downs-syndrome.org.uk/

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