Everything you need to know (almost ever).

Do I need to register?

Once you have received your event bib number from your group leader this is your ticket, just scan the QR code on the bib to register the bib number and then you are all set! Don't forget a fantastic Glow outfit of course!

You can also register your number by clicking this link 


(Peterborough bib numbers don't have the QR code but you can use the link above.) 

Is there parking at the event?

Yes there is parking at the venue. See event details to for more info.

Is it a race and is the event timed?

No to both! The only time you are here for is a good time! The emphasis is on fun, friends, and family. Enjoy yourself running or walking around the course. Party on the start line, have a dance in the Glow Zones and get your Glow On at the finish. 

What actually happens at the event?!?

The Glow in the Park 5km run is a nighttime experience run. A 5km route (2 laps of 2.5km). On the course are themed Glow Zones that are there, quite simply, for fun!

The course is marked by flashing arrows and areas with a hazard marked by a red flashing light and is easy to follow. Please do move away from the indicated path. The course will be on a path, track or grass area and might have some naturally occurring undulations and broken ground underfoot you must maintain a vigilant observation of the path in front of you.

What is a Glow Zone?

There are typically 6 Glow Zones at each event. These are areas where lighting, special effects, and music have been installed. All the Glow Zones are a great experience and will enhance your fun! Check out the Glow Zones page to find out more about them. 

What’s the minimum age for taking part?

6 years of age plus, Children must be accompanied by an adult. This event is open to people of all ages but please be mindful that very small children may find the crowds overwhelming. We advise children to be 6 years plus. 

Can I enter on the night?

Yes, head to the info desk and you can purchase an event pack there for the full price.

How do I enter a group?

You just have to select your size of group from the drop-down option on the shop entry page. 

How many people makes a group?

4 people plus makes up a group.

What information do I need if I am booking a group?

You only need your information, as all the event packs will be sent to your address to distribute to the group. As the group leader, you will need to make sure that any emails you receive before the event with information are forwarded to your group and that all your group has registered their bib number by either scanning the QR code on the bib or by click on the following link


Am I entered?

If you have received a bib number then you are entered, you just need to register your bib number on the above link.

Where do I wear my bib?

You need to wear your bib on your front and make sure the back of the bib is all filled out. 

What is considered High-Vis?

We ask that you are visible in the dark on the course and in the car park. So an item that is reflective, a head torch, neon wristbands and necklaces are great for this.

Is there a bag drop?

Yes, we ask for a small donation to the chosen charity if you wish to put your bag behind the info desk on the night. 

I’m pretty sure I entered but can't find or did not receive my confirmation email and or post pack. How can I check?

Send us an email to info@glowinthepark.co.uk. Let us know your name (the same one you would have used to enter the event) and we will find out for you. Also, it would be a good idea to check your email spam folder just in case it found its way there.

Can I transfer my entry?

Yes. Whoever has the bib number is entered. You may give this to whoever you wish. Please ensure they read the website details as this is a condition of entry to the event.

I can no longer take part in the event. Can I have a refund?

No, sorry we can not facilitate refunds. Full terms and conditions of entry to the event can be found here

Do I have to pick my registration pack up at the event?

No! All packs are posted pre-event and contain a bib number, event info and safety pins. For group entries, all packs are posted to the person who made the booking. It is then up to them to distribute the packs to whoever is going with them. 

Can I change the address I would like my registration pack to be posted to? 

When entering you can put a different delivery address to your registered card address. If you need to change this please email info@glowinthepark.co.uk as soon as possible so we can get it changed before being sent out.

How can I raise money for charity through the event?

There are two ways you can help raise money for the partnered event charity. Click on the charity tab on the product details page for more details on who has sponsored or partnered with this event and how to donate to them.

You are responsible for getting the money to the charities directly after the event.

Can I fundraise for another charity that is not partnered with the event?

Most of the events only have a partner agreement with the charity, so if you wish to raise money for another charity that is fine however if you can raise money for the chosen charity that would be great!

With partner agreements none of the entry fee goes to the charity with this basic partner agreement, they raise money via sponsorship. 

Glow in the Park: Longleat has a franchise agreement and so they do receive money from the entry fee. We ask that you sponsor them when doing the run as they have put a lot of time, money and effort into putting the event on for you. 

Do I need to register for a specific wave time?

There are no specific waves. Pop to your chosen events "details page" and this will have your event start time at the top. Waves are done on a first come first run bases. 

Do I have to wear a head torch?

Yes, you do have to wear a head torch for your safety. Most of the course is well lit but there are parts that are unlit and parts of the course can be uneven, so you must have a torch to light up your way. You can buy these in our shop! Click Here

Will I get wet at the event?

Maybe, in the foam zone you may get a bit damp from the foam and in the paint zone we spray water paint at the entrants. There will be a no play route around the zone if you don't want to get wet. It is advisable not to wear your best clothes, event T-shirts are available at the event shop or online from £5. Click Here

If the weather is bad will the event be canceled?

Only if there is a severe weather warning from the MET Office. If this happens we endeavor to find a date for the event to take place within a year. T&C's apply.

Will I get a medal?

Yes, medals are new for 2018!

Do I need to register on the website if my friend made the booking?

Once you have received your event bib number from your friend this is your ticket, just scan the QR code on the bib to register the bib number and then you are all set! Don't forget a fantastic Glow outfit of course!

You can also register your number by clicking this link 


If you have any other questions that are not answered above please feel free to pop us an email. info@glowinthepark.co.uk